to the world of verdant nature, endemic species of flora and fauna; the world abounding with historical heritage sites where each stone tells its own tale.


If you are a nature lover anxious to enjoy superb lake landscapes, the Pelikan will take you to a natural gallery where you will experience magnificent lake sceneries, islets, coves, fjords, rare birds, fish and water lilies.

If you are at the same time eager to become better acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the area, here you have a chance to explore history, undertaking a tour of ancient sites on Lake Skadar. While you drift across the lake, forts and monasteries pass before your eyes one after the other: Grmožur, Starčevo, Lesendro, Žabljak Crnojevića and many other buildings or their remains. You will wish to take a closer look and learn something about the buildings and the people who made them and dwelt in them.
You will wish to draw near the ancient walls and hear their tale. Our tale...


Make yourself at home, like at an old friend’s place; relish the ambience of the 1960s, Zorka’s traditional Montenegrin dishes and Toman’s lovely surprises.


Among guests of the Pelikan are celebrities, tourists from all over the world and chance travellers alike, although the Pelikan is visited by chance only when visited for the first time.

Our greatest reward is a smile on the face of even the most demanding guests after they have tasted some of the already forgotten specialties of the domestic cuisine, spent some time in the comfort and warmth of our rooms, or experienced an unforgettable lake cruise, whether they are lovers of nature, history or art.

Whatever you opt for, you are given a chance to experience the magic.

The Pelikan is a family hotel. It offers comfortable accommodation in a traditional ambience with double and triple rooms, with the possibility of following the latest developments in the world through satellite channels.

Within the hotel is a 120-seat restaurant with a garden and a traditional, specially designed, rustic-style fireplace room – the odžaklija, in which various celebrations or special evenings may be organized at the request of the guests.

In the Pelikan you will always be welcomed with hospitality, in an authentic ambience of the traditional Montenegrin household and some sort of a family museum of plants and memorable items from the lake and the area of Crmnica. You will see an array of photographs as remembrances of things past and hear anecdotes you are bound to remember. You will taste top-quality lake specialties and wine and leave the place with songs, flowers and water lilies that you will be presented with as gifts.

If you wish to keep up with what is going on in Virpazar or on the lake, being a guest of the Pelikan enable all this. The life of the town is relived and retold here with the atmosphere permeating the entire hotel.

Visit us for a few days, forget about the crowds thronging the city, business obligations and haste and live the life of a small town.